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Daily Appreciation

When you learn to appreciate more, you feel better about yourself, life and you make better choices. This membership guides you to appreciate in a way you never did before.

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InspireText for Teens

Teens are under much pressure these days. Give them the gift of positive affirmations every morning to positively start their day. Help their mindset stay positive.

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Learning to truly love and appreciate yourself takes time and focus. These InspireText will gently guide, inspire and motivate you to love who you are while becoming a better version of yourself.

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Life Makeover

Do you want to change your life? These messages will inspire you to change your mindset, you emotional states, and your relationships, as well as encourage you to take action.

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About InspireText

Inspiring Through Text
Everyday Inspiration Delivered to You!

InspireText is a great way to bring positive thoughts to you. All around us we are given negative messages about life, about ourselves and about society. On top of that, our mind has a way of feeding into fear and regret while focusing on what is really not beneficial for us. That is why I created InspireText, so you can have positive, motivation and inspiring message sent to you everyday. This will help to remind you of what is important in your life.

The Founder

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Joanne Cipressi

Joanne Cipressi has been a life coach since 1998. She has helped people with building self-confidence, rekindle relationships, overcome fear and doubt, learn appreciation, and makeover their lives. She dedicates her life to inspiring and motivating people for a better world!