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These introductory prices are good until October 30th. 

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text messaging for inspiration and motivation for teens

How InspireText for Teens Works:

  • ~ A custom, upbeat and inspiring text will be sent to your teen every morning to start their day off feeling confident and positive. 
  • ~ The text messages are created to empower teens to feel good about themselves, life, and to be confident, motivated and inspired to lead instead of being affected by peer pressure. 
  • ~ The text messages will offer inspiring positive messages, tips for dealing with stress, peer pressures, negative self-talk and other concerns teens face everyday, and upbeat encouragements to be positive, forward thinking and confident in their actions and goals. 
  • ~ No ads!!! No distractions. Pure inspiration. Pure motivation.  
  • ~ If you subscribe to a yearly membership, your teen will also receive added bonuses like webinars, self development course and more depending on your membership. 
  • ~ Memberships are affordable at less than $1 per day!! 
LiteIntroductory Special*
$9.99Per month.
$5 off for the first three months.
45 cents per day
Daily Morning InspireText
Monday Motivation Newsletter
PremierIntroductory Special*
$299For the first year.
For true change!
$1.66 per day
Daily Morning InspireText
Daily Afternoon InspireText
Monday Motivation Newsletter
Access to Member Only Website
Monthly Motivational Webinar
Monthly Self-Improvement Courses
Daily Newsletter (M-F)
* These are the introductory prices for InspireText. After 6 months, InspireText Lite membership will be renewed for the regular price of $15 per month. After a year, InspireText Plus will be $149, and InspireText Premier will be $600. You will receive notification beforehand.  All memberships have a full money back guarantee up to 5 days. Please read Terms and Conditions for more details. 

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More Reasons to Become an InspireTexts Member

  • ~ Custom created by an experienced life coach: A life coach with 20 years experience inspiring, motivating, and guiding people creates or approves every single InspireText. There are no famous quotes or random messages sent. Every single InspireText has a purpose and inspiration. 
  • ~ InspireTexts come to you: You don't have to make time to search for inspiration. Instead, inspiration for your needs, comes directly to you every single weekday.  
  • ~ No distractions.  When you go online for inspiration, there are distractions everywhere – celebrities, recipes, cute dogs, sad stories, news, and everything else that you can think of and never want to think of. With InspireText, it’s purely positive affirmations. That's it. No distractions at all. 
  • ~ No ads. Never ever will you be sent a text ad to your phone! No ads. No spam. Pure inspiration. 
  • ~ Easier access. One click and you see all of your InspireText messages that you have received. Whenever you are feeling down or stagnant and need to feel better and motivated, open up your InspireText messages and there you go! No more shifting through pages and pages on the internet, nor shifting through email after email or opening an app with ads.  
  • ~ Forever yours: Since the text messages are sent to you phone, you can keep these messages as long as you want. 
  • ~ No wifi needed to read your InspireTexts: Once you receive your InspireText messages, they are stored in your text message feed. There is no wifi needed to read these messages. Unlike apps and the web, you need to have wifi or a great data plan because they are stored on the cloud. 
  • ~ Guarantee: You are promised to receive your InspireTexts for the entire length of your membership. You will not have to wonder if there will be a post tomorrow. You have the promise that your InspireTexts are coming.  
  • You have a voice: You can send us your opinions, your changes in goals, your suggestions, and whatever else you wish to express. We will listen and we will respond. When appropriate we will adjust our InspireText message and programs. This is important because InspireText is for you. You should have a voice. 
  • Exras: You receive more than just InspireTexts. Depending on your membership plan, you receive emails, access to member's only pages and information.