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About InspireText Messages

  • When will I receive the text messages?
    We send out all text messages by 8 am each morning Monday through Friday.
  • Can I change the time I receive my text messages? Yes. Simply send us an email at support@inspirechat.net.
  • Will I receive images?
    No, we only send text messages that are completely text. If you are interested in images, please send a suggestion to us at suggestions@inspirechat.net.
  • Will I receive links to websites in my text messages?
    No, your text messages are completely texts without any images, links or anything else except for pure text messages.
  • Can I buy a membership as a gift?
    Of course! InspireText memberships make excellent gifts! Make sure the # is correct and you send us their email so we can alert them to their gift.
  • Can I switch programs?
    Yes. You can switch between Daily Affirmations, Appreciation Daily, Self-Love and InspireText for Teens memberships every 30 days. There is no fee to switch between these memberships. However, if you want to upgrade to Life Coach or downgrade from Life Coach, there will be a price change. To switch your membership, you need to contact support. Simply send us an email at support@inspirechat.net. Your membership will change 24 hours after your request.
  • Will I receive ads? 
    No. Never. You will never receive a single ad at all. Your membership includes pure inspiration, no ads. We send out a 2 to 3 email newsletters a month to our members that may occasionally inform you of new memberships, new programs and events along with other updates and inspiration. But, we will never send you an ad via text nor email.
  • Can I share InspireTexts with anyone?
    One the text messages are on your phone, you can certainly send them to others. They are yours to keep, share or do whatever you want with.
  • What if I no longer want to receive InspireTexts?
    Reply “Cancel” to any message and you membership will end. You can also send us an email at cancel@inspirechat.com.
  • Will I be charged any extra fees, besides the membership fee for receiving InspireTexts? You need to check with your text messages plan from your provider. If you have a unlimited text messaging plan, there should be not fees from your provider.
  • Do you send quotes messages or are they custom messages? 
    97% of InspireText messages are custom created by the founder of InspireText. She has been a life coach for 20 years empowering and inspiring people using her extensive experience to craft your empowering messages. About once of month, maybe twice a month, you may receive a quote that was spoken by a famous person. But no more.
  • Is there anywhere I can review the messages I received online? 
    We will keep a list of messages online for all messages for at least the last three months. Simply log into your account.
  • What if I lose my phone and all of my text messages? Is they anyway that I can retrieve them back onto my phone? 
    Sorry. Once we send the text messages to you, it is your responsibility to keep them safe. If you are an iPhone user, you can save your text messages to the cloud so they are safe. For other phones, please check with your service provider to see how you can save your messages.
  • Do you send the same InspireTexts to everyone everyday? 
    No. Each of the memberships each have their own focus, so the InpireTexts are different for each membership. Also, within the memberships, we group members into different groups based on the answers on their survey. Each group receives different messages from others groups.
  • Can adults become members of InspireText for Teens? Of course. There is no age restriction. In fact, many adults benefit from the InspireText for Teens as adults faces similar issues as teens.

More FAQs

  • Will you share my phone number or email with anyone? 
    Never. Your information will only be used for sending you inspirational messages. No other person nor business will ever have access to your personal information.
  • Is there a community of members that I can join? 
    We will open a private Facebook group in the near future. Our outlook is by mid 2018.

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