life makeover

InspireText’s Life Makeover Challenge is being launched on January 1st!

Are you finally ready to makeover your life?
Are you ready to feel better about yourself and life?
Do you want to improve the quality of your relationships?
Do you want to improve your health and fitness?
Do you want to think better and balance your emotions?
Do you want to overcome your fears and negativity?
Do you think smarter and balance your emotions?
Do you want to communicate better with those close in your life and those in your career?
Do you have goals that you have been unable to reach?

If you answer yes to most of these questions, then join this new and exciting program.
There is nothing else like it out there!

Our Life Makeover Challenge offers the following:
~ InspireTexts every single day to keep you motivated and inspired
~ Monday Motivation email with the details of our focus for the week.
~ Weekly Podcast every Wednesday to keep you moving for the week.
~ Weekly Self-Improvement Webinar to further explain our weekly focus.
~ Two monthly Self-Improvement self-directed courses.
~ E-mail support for the length of the Challenge.
~ Rewards!!! Lots of rewards. For progress and participation!
~ Special Guest Webinars!
~ Weekly Exercise Tutorials to improve your fitness.
~ Two live meetups – if you are able to attend. One in the middle and one at the end to celebrate!


The Life Makeover Challenge will be a different than all of our other InspireText’s Programs. It will be more actionable and will also offer 4 webinars each month, support, plus other goodies so you can makeover your life in the convenience of your own space and your own time. No need to attend in office sessions and make phone calls at a certain time interrupting your schedule. The coaching and webinars are delivered right to your phone…so you have it all everywhere with you — every single day!

If you want to be one of the first to join the Like Makeover Challenge. The first 20 who join, will have join for only $60 a month for 6 months – less than $2 a day — for less than a price for your daily coffee, you can be coached all day long with 2 webinars a month, articles only for those in the Life Makeover Challenge and email support! But, this 50% off special is only for the first 20 people who commit to a 6 month Life Changing Life Makeover Challenge.

Sign up now to hold your spot before the 20 seats are taken!