InspireTexts have the power to change your life. Choose which membership plan is best for you. After you sign up, then you will be able to choose which Program you would like to join. InspireTexts will begin within 24 hours after you complete registration.

LiteIntroductory Special*
$9.99Per month.
$5 off for the first three months.
45 cents per day
Daily Morning InspireText
Monday Motivation Newsletter
PremierIntroductory Special*
$299For the first year.
For true change!
$1.66 per day
Daily Morning InspireText
Daily Afternoon InspireText
Monday Motivation Newsletter
Access to Member Only Website
Monthly Motivational Webinar
Monthly Self-Improvement Courses
Daily Newsletter (M-F)
6 Month Life Makeover Challenge
Save 50% until October 1st
2 Daily InspireTexts
6 Month Printable Plan
Weekday Morning Podcast
Monday Webinar
Midweek Webinar
2 Weekly Emails
Worksheets and Online Courses
Rewards to Success
Private Members Only Group
Unlimited Email Support


These memberships levels are for the following InspireText Programs:

Daily Appreciation: You will receive a daily text that will inspire you to appreciate yourself, your life or others more, that shares an actionable tip to help you live in appreciation, or that will share a tip on how to express your appreciation to others.

InspireChat for Teens: A daily text to inspire confidence, appreciation and better choices, as well as tips for dealing with peer pressure, stress and other issues that face teens today.

Daily Self-Love: These InspireTexts are all about building a relationship with yourself. They will encourage you to erase thoughts of self-doubt, self-defeat and negativity, as well as inspiration to truly appreciate and love who you are. Includes action tips as well.

This program below includes InspireText, but is for more intense growth and change.

Life Makeover Challenge: A 6 month challenge that begins January 1st. It will focus on all areas of your life, including thoughts, emotions, fitness, diet, relationships, and career. To learn more visit, this page: Life Makeover Challenge.